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2 years ago

Silent Disco for My Hen Party

Silent Disco for My Hen Party

A Silent Disco for your Hen Party ticks all the boxes. It is a popular addition for the discerning Hen Party, and can add that edge, madness and unlimited amount of fun you’re looking for. 

Hen parties are the perfect backdrop for Silent Disco’s as it’s the last time you can round up your “besties” and party as a single lady (to that well known Beyonce classic). Every Hen Party needs to be eccentric and meticulously planned to ensure that memories ensue and fun for the bride to be is delivered every second of the event. 

Maids of Honour who are taking on the stressful duty of organising the Hen Party - fear not! We know the burden has fallen on your shoulders and all the pressure that comes with planning this big event. No matter how well or long you’ve known the bride-to-be, it is an extremely difficult task - we know that you will absolutely nail it!

Group activities are easy to come by, However, it can be difficult to find one that will engage all in attendance (or in some cases, event decide what might be appropriate). Incorporating a Silent Disco into your Hen Party plans enhances the fun for all attending, whilst providing extra non-stop entertainment. 

How can I incorporate a Silent Disco into my Hen Party?

The beauty of hiring a Silent Disco system for a Hen Party is that it’s versatile. A Silent Disco can hold its own as the main entertainment or it can also be artfully incorporated into other activities.

For example, if you and the girls are going “out, out”, you can use our Silent Disco equipment to continuously provide entertainment between pubs and clubs. Your Hen is bound to have a blast! On the streets your Hen Party will create a marvelous spectacle traveling between venues. Check out this testimony from “Sarah” (below) who used the system in a similar way. 

If nightlife and loud music isn’t sophisticated enough for your Hen, you can incorporate Silent Disco headphones into events such as afternoon tea, cookery classes or a “cheeky” life drawing class; Silent Disco can be used to deliver audio of your choice toall in your party.

Check out below how our Maid of Honour customers (Tasha and Sarah) used the kit for their Hen parties:


Tasha’s Hen Party was held at a private house they’d rented for the weekend.It was big enough to accommodate all 15 of them and they brought along plenty of things to do, as well as booking some local activities.

On Saturday night, the group had cocktails in a hot tub and the Silent Disco headphones meant they could keep the party going until late without disturbing the neighbours. Tasha commented “not everyone appreciates hearing Waterloo on repeat at 3am, but my friends do. Silent Disco King headphones helped make our weekend one of the best we’ve ever had”.


Sarah was organising a Hen Do around the beautiful seaside city of Brighton. All ten who attended the Hen Party were dressed the same and had to tour round town completing different challenges. By using a completely mobile Silent Disco King system, the whole group enjoyed the same soundtrack, even when walking between destinations or waiting for activities. 

Sarah told us “people must have thought we were mad when we were dancing and singing around town at 5pm, but the Silent Disco King headphones kept our whole group connected even in crowds, and meant we were in control of the vibe”.

Hiring Silent Disco Equipment for your Hen Do is easy! 

Our team makes hiring a Silent Disco system for your Hen stress free. Simply tell us what date your Hen Party takes place, how many are in your party and how you want to use the Silent Disco equipment. Your Silent Disco system will then be delivered to you 2 working days before the event (leaving you with ample time to get acquainted with the system). The Silent Disco headphones will be lovely, shiny, fully charged and ready to party. 

After you’ve all had a day and night of singing your hearts out to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, “Only Girl (in the World)” and “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” (don’t forget to include these bangers in your playlists), just box up equipment so it’s ready for collection from your specified address. 

Like Tasha, Sarah and many others, make your Hen Party one to really remember. Cater to everyone in your party, let your hair down and make it a night to remember. If you’re interested in Silent Disco for your Hen Party but you’re unsure about how you can fit it in, get in touch with our team at

We’ll offer friendly support and get so into your vision of your Hen Party that we’ll be expecting an invite. Please direct all questions (and invitations) to