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Drive-in Cinema

4 years ago
A Drive-In Gig follows the same principal and process as a Drive-In Cinema, the only real difference is that instead of pulling up your car to a giant screen, you’re pulling up to a stage. The audience can then sit back, relax within the comforts and safety of their own cars and enjoy presence of watching the acts live on stage – without the mosh pit.
4 years ago
Arranging an audio solution for Drive-In Cinema is much easier now than it used to be. Traditionally when Drive-In Cinemas were first introduced audio would be transmitted on FM to the cars radio, the eager audience would tune in their radios to the given frequency and listen through their car’s speakers.
9 years ago

If you've ever been involved in putting on a drive in movie, you may already be aware that providing audio can be a massive headache. Or used to be...