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2 years ago

Creative Ways Silent Disco Equipment Can Be Used

Creative ways to use silent disco equipment

Silent Disco equipment can be used for an exciting variety of activities. We’ve worked with many incredible minds across the globe using Silent Disco equipment to help achieve their creative vision. As a result we've been a part of many awe-inspiring experiences. 

Hosting or attending a Silent Disco is a thrilling experience. Pioneers continually push the boundaries using the equipment for different applications. By doing so, they have managed to create unforgettable, immersive experiences and through the delivery of wireless audio, have become solid leisure outlets for hundreds and thousands of people.

If you’re looking for a way to deliver audio to your attendees in an engaging way or if you’re hosting at a location where outside interference may affect your delivery, repurposing Silent Disco Equipment could be the secret to perfecting your event!

Grab inspiration for explosive events, adventurous activities and effervescent experiences by reading about uses of our Silent Disco equipment that are bound to blow your mind. 


Silent Disco Walking Tours

images courtesy of Silent Disco Walking Tours™ 

Silent Disco Tours have taken streets in major cities by storm! Hitting headlines for their vivacious vibrancy, loud personality and adrenaline infused take on original city tours! They are fun and exciting for all those who partake. They are the ‘rockstar’ of all tours. Take a peak at TripAdvisor; there you can see the impact they have on those that attend. Silent Disco Walking Tours are rated in the top 3 of walking tours to attend in all of London and we totally understand why!

To find our more about Silent Disco Walking Tours visit here


Immersive Silent Disco Theater Productions

The artistic use of Silent Disco systems have been employed by visionaries to enhance the intimacy with the audience. The delivery of different channels simultaneously has left critics enamoured by productions that perform 3 different stories at once. Doing so, empowers the audience to engage with the characters that arouse their interests. As the different stories unfold, the shows have concluded with all the characters crossing paths. 

In other instances, creative collaboration has led to live action performances taking place on the streets with the audience eagerly following the story audibly as well as visually, free from distractions from the outside world. Accompanying the compelling delivery of each spoken line, atmospheric audio is pulsated through the headphones to establish a mood reflecting the ambience of the scenes. 

Silent Disco equipment provides inventive ways to add dynamics to any story. The ability to broadcast multiple audio channels and have different performances unfolding simultaneously adds a captivating dynamic to traditional theater, as well as the ability to engross the audience into the stories you're telling. 


Silent Disco in the Community


Silent Disco systems can strengthen community spirit. Many event organisers have utilised their beautiful surroundings, infusing them into their events and services to the benefit of their community. 

From Silent Disco parties on the beach at low tide, when the sun is setting, the beach accommodates the silhouette of attendees freely losing themselves in the vibes encapsulating their ear-drums. Silent Disco Systems have also been used to boost spirits at Silent Disco beach cleans. Audio is broadcasted to eager volunteers picking up litter. The events help bring families and like minded others together to do their part in helping the environment, whilst having fun out in the open.


Silent Disco Orchestra

images courtesy of Rochester College

We were once approached to help find an audio solution for a gate (like no other) at Rochester College. The gate was an art installation that was designed to double up as a musical instrument. For the unveiling, the local symphony orchestra performed over 6 octaves on the instrumental gate that is detailed with flying pigs.

For the unique and spectacular unveiling, Silent Disco equipment was used as an audio monitor for the musicians in one mix and then delighted attendees to a mix of the full performance.

The ingenuity of the equipment and the ability to broadcast with different audio mixes made it a popular solution to act as a monitor for orchestras in and out of the studio. 


Silent Disco Karaoke

We all secretly love the novelty of karaoke, however, mix this with Silent Disco and you'll have a cocktail that is sure to dazzle and draw in big crowds. With Silent Disco karaoke, your audience's pitch (not) perfect rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody broadcasted over the headphones. Silent Disco Karaoke allows performers to absorb their nerves under cover of their headphones.  

Add a twist to your Silent Disco Karaoke event to disrupt the equilibrium. Simultaneously have 2 or 3 performers battling against each other for the adoration of the crowd by adding extra transmitters.


Silent Disco at Conferences  

Innovate by using Silent Disco headphones at conferences. Silent Disco systems allow event professionals to host a multitude of talks. The headphones allow you to host multiple speakers in one large space at once. Directly engage users with the content; now your key-notes can be situated in large busy spaces in exhibition halls and every word can be heard with clarity. Silent Disco equipment can help shut out all the noise surrounding the attendees.

The headphones are usually received extremely well by the delegates at the event. Selecting their audio at the press of a button provides ease of use, higher engagement levels and also the opportunity to grab a cheeky selfie of them wearing the headphones. 


Silent Disco Live Band

Experimental event professionals have pulled out the stops to deliver live band experiences using Silent Disco headphones. Listening to a band playing live through the headphones is an unmissable event like no other. The headphones make the set intimate and bring you closer to the bands performance. During the set, experience the atmosphere with the headphones off. The acoustics of the drums crashing, the twang of the guitar strings and the tight vocals really resonate with the crowd. 

Silent Disco live band sets help to construct an experience that will stick with fans for life. At the same time they can be extremely beneficial to event organisers who would be limited by various sound restrictions. The headphones provide a key opportunity to make events last longer - no one ever wants the party to be over. 


In Conclusion

Silent Disco equipment can be used for a multitude of purposes where audio can be delivered wirelessly. Not only this, it can add a whole new dimension to your event. The use of headphones is viewed as a precious novelty amongst festival goers, event attendees and delegates. 

As an event professional we know you love unleashing your creative instincts, to push the boundaries of production in order to achieve experiences that will last. We understand that the delivery of audio is an essential factor in taking your events to the next level. If you have a creative vision that you want to bring to life but are experiencing some problems with the delivery of audio, or looking to add a little extra something. Chat with us, no matter how ambitious your project may be we can do everything within our power to help you deliver your creative vision.

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