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10 months ago

Helping to Deliver a 'Phenomenal Audio Soundscape' for 32 Sounds Production Team

32 Sounds Silent Disco

This immersive documentary explores the “elemental phenomenon of sound” in two captivating forms: one for live audiences which includes live narration by Sam Green and extraordinary live original music by J D Samson (of Le Tigre) or alternatively, an enchanting specially designed at-home/theatrical version. 

To make the live showings of the documentary as immersive as possible, the production team wanted to broadcast the soundtrack to the film using headphones. But, in order to do so, the audio needed to be streamed to multiple devices simultaneously whilst delivering high quality binaural audio without any latency. For a film about celebrating the beauty of sound, it was imperative that the headphones had to be true. 

As radio frequencies can be configured beforehand (depending on radio licensing laws in the state/country the showing was held in), the Silent Disco headphones (supplied by Silent Disco King) offered an extremely flexible solution for the live cinema experiences. Audio broadcasting at each event had to to be diligently planned to ensure that the sound on each channel was clear from the prospect of interference.  

To ensure that the integrity of the audio soundscape was delivered to a high standard, the Silent Disco headphones were thoroughly tested on their delivery of the films binaural track. Supplier Silent Disco King were extremely confident that their headphones would not disappoint as all their headphones had already gone through rigorous binaural tests both in music studios with some big global names and out at truly incredible live events.  

The astounding documentary first premiered at the legendary Sundance Film Festival in January 2022. This was the beginning of many incredible reviews for the documentary, praising it for being ‘intelligent and hugely entertaining’ as well as ‘encouraging interaction and on the spot reactions’ from its audiences. 
32 Sounds Immersive live cinema

Since its debut, 32 Sounds has already astounded audiences around the world. Viewings have already taken place in Poland, The UK (Edinburgh), The Netherlands, Abu Dhabi, the USA and there are many more to follow. 

In 2023, the live cinema experiences are still being toured. If your curiosity is triggered and you want to indulge in this unparalleled audio experience, a full list of shows is available at:  the 32 sounds site.