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2 years ago

Extraordinary Partnership With Extraordinary Bodies On Their Immersive Show “Human”

Human by Extraordinary Bodies. Photo © Alice Carfrae for Funky Llama Festival

When we were contacted by Extraordinary Bodies about partnering with them on their new and upcoming show “Human”, we were inspired by the diversity of the show. The incorporation of talent of the deaf, disabled, and non-disabled artists blended together to produce an incredibly poetic, powerful performance was something we were certain we wanted to be part of.

The show producers wanted to use our headphones to assist with the sensory delivery of audio at their captivating performances. Audience members are able to select between two channels of audio, the live original show audio, or a pre-recorded audio described version of the show. Not only has this helped with the way the audience engaged with the show, it also made it a more enhanced experience for those with visual impairments. Human continues its inclusivity by also including British Sign Language (interpreted by actor David Ellington) and captions are projected throughout the performance. 

 Human by Extraordinary Bodies. Photo © Alice Carfae for Funky Llama Festival

Human by Extraordinary Bodies. Photo © Alice Carfrae for Funky Llama Festival

The performance itself is beautifully detailed here by Claire Hodgson MBE, Artistic Director, Diverse City.

“Human is a poetic record of our time. Weaving together real life stories through the circus, combined with our use of technology, has created a show that connects with its audiences in a soothing, sublime, immersive way. It was important for us to work with our performers in a way that suited them and make a show that is accessible without compromise. With Extraordinary Bodies, we can experiment and develop work that is genre-defying as well as gravity-defying.”

To be a part of the amazing Extraordinary Bodies shows has been so heart-warming. When you go to see their shows you're not quite sure what to expect but when you get to witness their breath-taking acrobatics while being completely immersed in the audio with the headphones, it really feels like you're transported to a magical world of grace and tranquility for a short time.

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If you’re looking for intuitive ways to deliver audio, immerse your audience and diversify your offering; let’s have a chat and discuss your creative vision.  

Image credits: Human by Extraordinary Bodies. Photo © Alice Carfrae for Funky Llama Festival